A children’s rehabilitation clinic was opened in Lviv “Okhmatdyt” after reconstruction

American, Ukrainian and Italian benefactors helped to carry out the reconstruction and purchase equipment for the clinic.

Today, June 21, the newest children’s rehabilitation clinic opened at the Okhmatdyt Lviv Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital.

In the course of the reconstruction, the existing premises were additionally equipped with an occupational therapy hall, halls for physical therapy and sensory-motor development, offices of a speech and language therapist, a psychologist and assistive technologies. An educational sanitary room with a shower, sink and bathroom was also created separately for teaching self-care for children with mobility impairments.

Ivan Sobko, the deputy head of the Lviv OVA, presented thanks on behalf of the head of the administration to the benefactors who contributed to the reconstruction of the clinic.

“Thank you to everyone who participated in such an extremely important project. It is thanks to such initiatives that we will be able to bring the medical industry to a new level, which all our citizens deserve: from the youngest to the oldest. Thanks to the created amenities, the children will be able to complete a rehabilitation course selected by the clinic’s specialists. I am sure that more than one small patient will leave Lviv Okhmatdyt with gratitude and new skills,” said Ivan Sobko.

In the children’s rehabilitation clinic, only evidence-based modern rehabilitation methods are used. Therefore, in the occupational therapist’s office, there will be not only professional assessment and therapy tools that train fine motor skills, but also a functional kitchen with amenities for children with disabilities. In addition, such psychotherapeutic methods of working with children as sand therapy and music therapy will be used. Speech and language therapy will be carried out in a renovated room, which has all the necessary means to provide a quality service.

“It is very cool that we managed to open a modern rehabilitation center where it is possible to apply modern rehabilitation techniques. Active, not passive. It is important. We have a multidisciplinary team that examines children, then conducts team discussions and then creates an individual rehabilitation program with clearly defined rehabilitation goals. We also actively involve parents and children’s families in this process. After all, after our classes, parents should continue the recommended classes with their children. This is the work of 247, so that there is a maximum result,” said the head of the Children’s Rehabilitation Clinic, Oksana Gdyria.

In general, the reconstruction of the premises, including the purchase of rehabilitation equipment, cost 3 million hryvnias. The reconstruction was possible thanks to the financial support of the CNEWA charity organization and the assistance of the Ukrainian Catholic University, the Lviv OVA, and personally the head of the administration Maksym Kozytskyi.


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