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The Lviv Coal Company is looking for 1,000 new employees: reservation, competitive salary

SE “Lvivvugillia” has started an active campaign to find new employees.

On this occasion, we spoke with Yuriy Gamala, director of personnel and social affairs of SE “Lvivvugilya”.

“In order to INCREASE coal production and help Ukraine’s energy industry survive in difficult times, we have an ambitious plan to employ 1,000 new EMPLOYEES.” – says Yuriy Gamala.

Also, describing the benefits of employment, Yurii Petrovych said the following

A job at Lvivvugille State Enterprise is official EMPLOYMENT and preferential INTERNSHIP, RESERVATION, competitive salary SALARY.

Our team unites thousands of employees.

SE “Lvivvugillia” GUARANTEES its employees:

  • professional TRAINING:
  • in a short period of time (from 2 months);
  • payment at the expense of the enterprise from UAH 7,000/month;
  • we grant the right during training to DEFER from the draft for military service from the first day;
  • RESERVATION from conscription for military service during mobilization;
  • competitive salary SALARY;
  • official EMPLOYMENT;
  • preferential INTERNSHIP for work in harmful conditions.

What are the vacancies:

  • miners cleaning slaughter 35,000-42,000 UAH/month
  • passers 33,000-41,000 UAH/month
  • underground electricians UAH 24,000-31,000/month
  • underground miners 18,000-27,000 UAH/month

You can familiarize yourself with the current list of vacancies and get information about employment by calling the phone number +380686152792, ☎️+38 03257 2-32-39 HR department (8:00-16:30 on working days)

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