Про великі підприємства

On the National Day of Ukraine, servicemen from Drohobychnya were posthumously awarded orders “For Courage”

Ten trams are provided to the city as part of the “Urban Public Transport of Ukraine” project, implemented by the Ministry of Community Development, Territories and Infrastructure of Ukraine together with the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, city councils and communal enterprises.

So far, the city has received nine trams. The last one, the tenth, is expected in February this year.

“Electron” is a domestic concern, production takes place in Ukraine. Tram T5L641 is a five-section single-compartment car with an air conditioning system for the interior and the driver’s cabin, with a reduced level of vibration and noise. Its technical level meets modern European requirements for urban electric transport. The wide doors and the low level of the car floor make it possible to speed up the boarding and disembarking of passengers. The latter is convenient for passengers with children and people with reduced mobility.

The number of seats is 56, the total passenger capacity of the tram is 250 people.

The floor of the car in the area of the cabin door is equipped with a heating system that prevents freezing and freezing of snow in winter. A special window coating preserves heat in the cold season and reflects the sun’s ultraviolet rays in the heat. The tram is equipped with external and internal video cameras for a panoramic view of: the passenger cabin, the areas near the passenger doors and the areas behind the car, which provide a wider field of vision and driver control over the road situation, boarding and disembarking passengers.

After completion of all preparatory works, the tram will be able to run on the line – mainly on route No. 8, which connects Sikhiv and the central part of the city. 8 similar trams received in previous years operate on this route.

The rolling stock of Lviv Electrotrans LLP is being updated with loan funds from the European Investment Bank (EIB). The project “Urban Public Transport of Ukraine” is a framework loan from the EIB. As part of this project, the city received a €17.4 million loan for the purchase of ten five-section trams.

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