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In Lviv region, the population owes almost 2 billion hryvnias for gas

More than 60% of former clients of LLC “Lvivgaz Sales”, which operates under the brand “TVIY GAZZBUT”, owe the company. Household consumers owe the company 1.9 billion hryvnias for gas consumed until May 1 of this year.

This was reported to the Voice of Sokal Region by the press service of LLC “Lvivgaz Sales”.

“For seven years, our company has continuously and reliably supplied the population with gas. For our part, we clearly fulfilled our contractual obligations. Therefore, we remind customers who owe money to the company that it is necessary to pay for the gas they used for their needs,” said Pavlo Mike, director of Lvivgaz Sales LLC.

According to him, among the company’s clients are “record holders” who have accumulated thousands of debts. Such an anti-rating is headed by a resident of Stryi, who used 332,000 hryvnias worth of gas and still has not settled.

According to the “Rules of natural gas supply”, consumers are obliged to make a full final settlement with the previous supplier.

“The previous supplier, no later than six weeks after the exclusion of a household consumer from the Register of his consumers in the information platform, is obliged to issue such a consumer a final invoice, taking into account the entire outstanding amount of debt, including the debt repayment schedule (if any) under the supply contract natural gas. The household consumer is obliged to pay such an invoice no later than ten working days from the day such an invoice is issued,” the document states.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that in July paper and electronic bills from Lvivgas Sales LLC will be received only by those household consumers who owed the company for gas consumption as of April 30, 2022.

We will remind you that since May 1, household customers of Lvivgaz zbut LLC were automatically transferred to the “supplier of last resort” (PON), whose function is performed by Naftogaz of Ukraine. “Lvivgaz zbut” LLC continues to serve business clients to whom it supplies blue fuel and electricity.

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