Про великі підприємства

A 20% discount on public transport will be available in Lviv region in April

It is about the operation of the ASOOP system on suburban and intercity public bus routes.

Thanks to the activity of Lviv residents and the significant increase in the number of non-cash payments, all passengers on suburban and intercity routes in the region will pay 20% less for another month when paying with a Visa card.

To take advantage of the discount, it is enough to pay the fare with a Visa bank card (or another gadget that supports contactless payment) through the validator, and the system will automatically take into account the 20% discount. It is important not to forget to record the place of disembarkation – re-apply the card to the validator when exiting (there is a different tariff grid in the region, so the system debits money for the distance, video instruction:


“We call on the residents of Lviv region to actively use the implemented E-ticket system, as in the future it will encourage the transport industry to de-detify the market and transparently form a tariff for the transportation of passengers on public bus routes,” said Orest Shulikovskyi, director of the road management department of LOVA.

The Department of Road Management calls on residents of the region, in case of detection of improper operation of the ASOOP system (photo or video evidence), to contact the department for management decisions and to prevent such violations in the future. You can register an appeal using the short number of the “Regional Hotline” – 1684, or the number of the “Government Hotline” – 1545.

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