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The first 100 days of e-ticket operation: how the introduction of cashless payment is evaluated in the region

In the first two weeks of March, the number of transactions in Lviv region increased by 200% compared to the same period in February.

The other day, 100 days have passed since the cashless fare payment system was launched in intercity and suburban public transport in Lviv Oblast. This was announced by Orest Shulikovskyi, director of the road management department of Lviv OVA, during a discussion at the Lviv News Manufactory.

Comparing the number of transactions in the first two weeks of February and March, the region has seen their increase by as much as 200%. The number of buses in which the driver correctly opened the shift before leaving for the flight also increased.

The next stage is the expansion of the functionality of the ASOOP system in terms of accounting for cash transactions and organizing preferential transportation on suburban and intercity bus routes of Lviv Oblast. As of today, the Lviv OVA has started negotiations with several communities of the Lviv region regarding the introduction of preferential personalized cards for certain categories of citizens who enjoy the right of preferential travel. We are talking about the participants in hostilities of categories close to them.

“This stage will allow to de-individualize the transport industry, make a transparent formation of the tariff for the transportation of passengers, ensure fast and convenient payment of the fare, and also provide an opportunity to form a new transport network, based on the received data on passenger flows,” says Orest Shulikovskyi, director of the road management department of LOVA.

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