Про великі підприємства

ПрАТ «Львівобленерго» повідомляє про можливе погіршення електропостачання через ремонт

PJSC “Lvivoblenergo” informs that until September 30, 2023 in Lviv, the reliability of electricity supply to some of the city’s consumers may deteriorate due to the reconstruction of equipment.

In particular, the deterioration is possible for residents of the street. Kulparkivska (together with adjacent streets), st. Simonenko, st. Lyubinska, str. Horodotska (station market district), str. Vyhovsky, st. Petrliury and st. Sadova.

There is also a possibility of deterioration of the power supply in medical and other institutions located in the area of the listed streets.

Therefore, PrJSC “Lvivoblenergo” asks to check the serviceability and readiness for operation of the autonomous backup power sources of these consumers.

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