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Drohobychvodokanal reported why it is important to submit meter readings every month

The consumer’s duty is to submit meter readings every month from the 10th to the 28th, regardless of service consumption.

In case of non-submission of indicators every month, KP “Drohobychvodokanal” carries out accruals, as provided by law, in the amount of average monthly consumption.

There are cases when the consumer does not live in the apartment for a long period and does not submit indicators. In this case, the average monthly consumption for the previous 12 months is automatically calculated on this personal account every month. As a result, for a long time of non-presentation of indicators, arrears are formed. Therefore, in order to prevent such situations, KP “Drohobychvodokanal” asks service users to systematically submit indicators every month, regardless of consumption.

KP “Drohobychvodokanal” once every six months, after informing consumers beforehand, carries out control readings of indicators in multi-apartment buildings. However, it is not always possible to get to all the apartments and record benchmarks.


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