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Under the seat of a minibus in Lviv Oblast, a man tried to smuggle a conscript across the border illegally

In the Lviv region, the criminal who tried to illegally cross the border of a conscript will be tried

The pre-trial investigation in the criminal proceedings has been completed. The accused, a 62-year-old resident of the Ternopil region, is liable to imprisonment for three to five years.

As the law enforcement officers established, the perpetrator arranged a hiding place under the seat of his “Renault Master” minibus, in which he tried to cross the state border with a 26-year-old citizen of Ukraine who was conscripted into the military service.

During an attempt to cross the border of Ukraine with the Republic of Poland, border guards discovered a hiding place with a man of conscription age.

The pre-trial investigation in the criminal proceedings opened under Part 1 of Article 332 (Illegal transportation of persons across the state border of Ukraine) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine has been completed. The indictment is referred to the court.

The perpetrator was exposed by the investigators of police department No. 1 of the Sambirsk district police department together with military personnel of the 7th border detachment of the State Border Service of Ukraine, under the procedural guidance of the Sambirsk district prosecutor’s office.

Communications Department of the Lviv Oblast Police

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