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Since the beginning of the year, almost 700 residents of Lviv Oblast have received study vouchers

The most popular field is nursing.

Since the beginning of 2024, almost 700 residents of Lviv Oblast have received vouchers for training. The Lviv Regional Employment Center informs about this.

Therefore, the most in-demand professions or specialties in which voucher recipients decided to improve their professional level are:

  • ⁠nursing (120 vouchers were issued);
  • Preschool education (117);
  • ⁠ psychology (96);
  • ⁠ emergency medical technician (62);
  • Civil security (54);
  • Driver (47);
  • Cook (30).

The voucher entitles a person to study at enterprises licensed to provide educational services or at educational institutions in 124 areas (list – http://surl.li/jgwxb). Its cost is UAH 30,280. If the tuition fee is higher, then the person or the employer pays the difference independently.

The following can count on a voucher:

Persons aged “45+” (before retirement);
⁠veterans, participants in hostilities;
forcibly displaced persons of working age;
Persons with disabilities;
Persons who were injured as a result of military aggression or returned from captivity.

To receive a study voucher, you must:

Choose a specialty or profession, as well as a place of study: an enterprise or an educational institution (http://surl.li/vnhl);
⁠ submit an online application (https://voucher.dcz.gov.ua) or contact the subdivisions of the Voucher Office (address – http://surl.li/jpvpt) with an application and documents (passport, identification number, work book, documents about education).

After receiving a voucher, a person must conclude a study contract with an educational institution or employer within 90 days.

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