In Drohobych, the number of flu cases has increased by 40% over the past week

Хто в зоні ризику та які ознаки недуги. Відео

For several weeks in a row, Lviv region in general and Drohobych region in particular have been recording a significant increase in flu cases. Thus, the number of patients in the region has increased by 70% over the past week. As for Drohobych district, we have a 40% increase in flu cases.

Epidemic thresholds have already been exceeded in Lviv, Yavoriv and Stryi districts. The highest proportion of patients is among the 5-14 year olds (28%) and 30-64 year olds (27%).

Even today, doctors say that the season of acute respiratory viral infections, flu and coronavirus can last until April-May. Therefore, it is worth not only being wary of illnesses, but also getting vaccinated if you have not yet been vaccinated. During the period of virus circulation, it is recommended to avoid crowded places, especially for those who are at risk and have concomitant chronic health problems.

According to doctors, this year’s flu strain is characterised by complications, including severe pneumonia, high body temperature that cannot be brought down, severe cough, etc. Therefore, a thorough examination and timely access to qualified medical care by family doctors play an important role and speed up the recovery process.

Oksana Zaderei, an infectious disease specialist at the Drohobych City Polyclinic, tells more about the flu and its specifics.

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