A modern urology department was opened in Drohobych on the basis of the first city hospital

After a 36-year break, a modern urology department resumed its work from scratch at Drohobych City Hospital No. 1.

The new department was opened and consecrated on April 10 with the participation of high-ranking officials of the Lviv Oblast State Administration, including Khrystyna Zamula, deputy head of the LOSA, Natalia Litvinska, director of the Health Department, Taras Kuchma, head of the Drohobych territorial community, Stepan Kulyniak, head of the Drohobych District State Administration, Volodymyr Chuba, chief medical officer of Drohobych, representatives of medical institutions in the community and Lviv, and the city’s clergy.

The newly created department was established on the basis of Drohobych City Hospital No. 1. The entire department has been renovated, with bright and spacious wards, a modern operating room, and all the amenities for both doctors and patients. More details in the story.

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