Stories of Superhumans Center patients: Serhiy Kopyshchyk came under enemy artillery fire in the Kherson region

The man’s left leg was torn off, the right one had to be amputated due to significant damage.

Serhiy Kopyshchyk is 25 years old. Last summer, after three difficult months at ground zero, he and his brothers came under enemy artillery fire in the Kherson region. Only Serhii survived. The left leg was torn off. The right one had to be amputated due to significant damage. What followed was a long period of struggle for life and treatment. Doctors did not give any forecasts.

Svetlana, a girl whom he met a month before the full-scale war, became the greatest support during this difficult test for Sergei. When Serhiy was discharged, he confessed to Svetlana and she agreed to become his wife.

Recently, the man underwent prosthetics at the Superhumans Center – an ultra-modern clinic in the Lviv region, where everyone who has suffered a posia attack is treated, prosthetics and rehabilitated free of charge. They do it with the involvement of the best specialists and the best world technologies.

Serhii started to walk well already on the third day after prosthetics. This, they say in the medical facility, is an absolute record.

“In August, I am preparing to become a father. We are waiting for a boy. My biggest motivation is to keep this little happiness, confidently standing and walking on two legs,” said Serhiy.

As Olha Rudneva of the SEO Superhumans Center noted, no one just dreams of legs, a person thinks about where he will go. Serhiy, by the way, in addition to persistent daily training, supports our other defenders who are undergoing prosthetics, masters a new profession – web designer, and breaks all barriers with his sense of humor.

“Once, when I was choosing shoes, I had to think about whether they were tight or whether they would float. And now I can choose which one I want, everything will be comfortable. The main thing is that it’s good,” he emphasizes.

We will remind you that the first phase of the Superhumans Center was officially launched in April. A center was created on the basis of one of the hospitals in the Lviv region. The center, with a total area of 2,000 m2, was built in record time. The clinic will provide quality medical services to three thousand patients a year. There are plans to create 5 more such centers in other regions of Ukraine.

“Thank you to the Superhumans team for making the dreams of our superhumans come true. Thanks to our super people, thanks to whom Ukraine is and will be,” emphasized the head of Lviv OVA Maksym Kozytskyi.

At the first stage, Ukrainian soldiers and civilians will have access to: a laboratory for the manufacture and assembly of prostheses, a department of physical rehabilitation, a department of psychological support, and a swimming pool for rehabilitation. At the second stage, which is planned to be launched this year as well, reconstructive plastic surgery and medical rehabilitation services will be provided.


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