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In Yavorivshchyna, volunteers weave masculine nets on the cob of war

In the Yavoriv district, women, people, children, and internally displaced individuals united at a single right weaving of masculine nets for the defenders of Ukraine.

The Meshkants of the Novoyavorivsk and Yavorivsk communities organized headquarters, where dozens of volunteers came every day and weaved masculine nets, like helping our soldiers to defend themselves from the enemy.

“In the wake of the large-scale invasion of Russia into Ukraine, volunteers wove 70 square meters a day, then it became 20 square meters. The number has changed, because it was necessary to solve the problem with the basics, the fishermen and sportsmen simply ended, they began to weave in the air, thank God, the lads help with threads, listeners and nebaiduzh hulks, simply do not call themselves – from bed and farboa “- volunteer Dydaana

Crimea, at the headquarters there was a humanitarian aid for the preparation of masquerade nets from France and Poland.

Ready-made masquerade nets are handed over to volunteers, defenders, and they are delivered without intermediary for consumption in hot spots on the front line.

“If we don’t come here for a day, then the day is not calm. My floorings have grown buti here, we need to make speeches, and if we are able to see our souls, we are proud of them. We don’t have the right to stop, we continue to help our lads in the fight against the enemy of the terrorist-Russian state” – share volunteers

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