Про великі підприємства

In Drohobych, water is supplied to the city from two water intakes

Every day, seven days a week, the water utility’s certified laboratory tests water at the points where it enters the city from the Hirne and Urizh water intakes: on Sambirska Street and Truskavetska Street.

Laboratory control covers clean water tanks, water distribution columns, and pumping stations around the city. Water is systematically analysed at wells in Hirne and Urozh.

The water is monitored for 32 chemical and bacteriological indicators.

Drohobych residents consume water extracted from underground sources of the Stryi and Bystrytsia rivers. Thanks to natural filtration, this water does not require additional treatment. It passes through a natural filter – a sand and gravel mixture. To ensure complete safety of consumers, it is only disinfected with chlorine gas, the content of which in tap water is also monitored daily by the laboratory.


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