Important medical programs operate in Lviv: who can benefit and how

Several important medical programs operate in Lviv, which allow providing even better assistance to community residents who are treated in medical institutions.

It is, in particular, about the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, endoprosthetics of joints and dental prostheses, provision of certain medicines.

“Medical programs are extremely important because they improve access to quality medical care, prevention, screening and treatment for residents. There are also certain diseases, the treatment of which requires additional support,” the health care department of the Lviv City Council emphasizes.

Important city medical programs include:

1. The program for the supply of medicines in case of outpatient treatment of certain categories of the population of Lviv for 2020 and the Lviv city territorial community for 2021-2024.

This program covers certain population groups and categories of diseases, in the case of treatment of which medicinal products are dispensed free of charge or on preferential terms according to the prescriptions of doctors. More about the program and who can use it and how – at the link.

2. City program of prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases for 2017-2024.

The state program of medical guarantees does not cover the entire range of services for such diseases, in particular, for planned treatment of patients. With the funds of the city, certain consumables are purchased to provide assistance to residents. More about the program and who can use it and how – at the link.

3. City program of mandatory preventive medical examinations for employees of educational institutions of Lviv city territorial community for 2022-2027.

Every employee of an educational institution – both a school and a kindergarten – can undergo a medical examination free of charge. The therapist first examines and then refers to other specialists. More about the program – at the link.

4. The city program of providing medicines to children and adults with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) for 2023-2024.

The program provides free medication for children and adults with type 2 SMA who live in the Lviv community. It is about the expensive medical drug Rysdiplam (half of the cost of the drug is compensated by the city, and half by Roche Ukraine). More about the program and how to use it – at the link.

5. The city program of providing residents of the Lviv urban territorial community with means for endoprosthesis of joints for 2023-2024.

It is about free endoprosthesis of certain categories of people: first of all, people of working age with disabilities of groups 1 and 2, people with disabilities as a result of the war, family members of fallen defenders of Ukraine, as well as people who have dependent children with disabilities or parents of retirement age, who have a disability. The program provides prosthetics for no more than one joint per year. More about the program and how to use it – at the link.

6. City program of dental prosthetics and medical and surgical training for it of privileged categories of residents of Lviv MTG for 2023-2025.

This program helps to provide privileged categories of people with free dentures. It concerns the manufacture of fixed prostheses made of steel and plastic, and removable prostheses made of plastic, with the exception of prosthetics made of precious metals, ceramics, metal-ceramics, implants. And for combatants and people with disabilities as a result of the war, it is carried out using expensive materials, with the exception of implants. More about the program and how to use it – at the link.

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