In Lviv, doctors performed a unique kidney transplant

Three years ago, doctors diagnosed Mykola with kidney failure. The child’s health suddenly became critical: severe swelling, complete absence of urine, and as a result, several weeks of coma.

“The boy’s condition was very difficult then. The head of the department, Roman Sobko, was on duty around the clock for more than a week, so with his efforts and the joint efforts of intensive care specialists, Mykola was saved,” recalls Roman Andrunevich, a nephrologist at the Center.

In the dialysis department of the Center, the child received drug therapy for a long time, he was being prepared for a kidney transplant from his mother. The operation was planned for the beginning of March, but the full-scale war prevented it. Therefore, the family was evacuated to Poland by a medical convoy for several months, and in July they returned for a family transplant. Unfortunately, the mother’s kidney did not take root in the son’s body. The thrombosed organ was removed and hemodialysis was started again.

In November, another kidney was “found” for Mykola, which was completely suitable for him. The donor was a 17-year-old boy from Odesa, who tragically died. The transplant was carried out together with transplant specialists of the First Medical Association of Lviv.

“The boy’s body did not immediately accept the transplanted organ. The postoperative period was very difficult: doctors diagnosed the patient with combined kidney rejection, which was successfully overcome. The patient needed expensive medicines and in large quantities. Fortunately, the hospital has wonderful friends from the Wings of Hope charity, who took care of the logistics of the medicine and all the expenses. Despite all the trials, the little patient does not give up and never complains. And he says that he will be a doctor like our doctors, because “they are all very cool,” said Roman Andrunevich.

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