Psychological groups for pregnant women are held at the Lviv Regional Perinatal Center

Sessions with a psychologist help stabilize and improve the mood and well-being of expectant mothers.

The Lviv Oblast Perinatal Center regularly organizes psychological support groups for pregnant patients in the Department of Extragenital Diseases and Obstetric Pathology.

Participants in the groups are women with different perinatal histories, but with the same goal – to bear and give birth to a healthy child. Group work reveals hidden stories, promotes support and positive emotional experience. Accompanied by a psychologist, pregnant women discuss a variety of topics.

  • how to cope with anxiety
  • whether to go into a partnered birth
  • What is postpartum depression?
  • emotional connection with the baby
  • how self-care affects the condition of a woman and a child
  • the role of the father in the relationship with the child
  • how to properly establish contact between an older child and a newborn

“The role of the psychologist in the group is key. It is the psychologist who conducts psychoeducation on the most important topics during this period, helps to stabilize and improve the mood and well-being of wonderful pregnant women who are almost mothers,” said Maria Malachynska, director of the Center.

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