Famous American surgeon to treat children with spinal defects in Lviv

For two weeks, from May 13 to 22, a leading spinal surgeon from the United States, Mark Dyrzhka, will help specialists at St. Nicholas Children’s Hospital of the First Medical Association of Lviv treat children with spinal defects.

The doctors will consult and operate on young patients with the following spinal defects: curvature, congenital and acquired developmental anomalies, vertebral instability, etc.

This time, a US neurophysiologist, Brian Dembosky, will also work with the American surgeon. The goal of the American specialists is not only to help Ukrainian children, but also to share their knowledge and experience with Ukrainian colleagues. That is why the foreign specialists will perform all surgeries together with the St. Nicholas Children’s Hospital’s specialists.

“Together, we will surgically treat such types of spinal curvature as scoliosis; pathological kyphosis; lordosis; and congenital anomalies. American specialists will operate mainly on children with combined scoliosis and its complications. As of now, 9 complicated surgical interventions have already been planned,” says the First Medical Association of Lviv.

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Phone number for more information: 0800333003.


Mark Dyrzhka is a leading spinal surgeon at the Presbyterian Hospital of New York (a division of Columbia University), which has been repeatedly ranked among the best medical institutions in the United States and the world. This is the third time the surgeon will visit Lviv.

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