The number of heart attack patients is growing rapidly in Drohobych region

Як виявити недугу та чому важливо вчасно звернутись за медичною допомогою?

In Ukraine, the number of heart attacks is increasing every year, and the statistics of deaths from cardiovascular diseases remains one of the highest.


The saddest thing is that almost two-thirds of people with heart attacks, unfortunately, die before receiving medical care. However, most of them could have been saved if they had been treated by cardiologists in a timely manner, doctors say.

Head of the cardiology department at Drohobych City Hospital No. 1 Maria Tydash notes that the most common cause of a heart attack is narrowing of blood vessels (stenosis) due to the formation of fatty deposits (cholesterol plaques). Other additional risk factors include diabetes mellitus, hypertension, hereditary predisposition to cardiovascular disease, obesity, stress due to war, etc. Maria Tydash explains how to detect a heart attack, what its first symptoms are, and why it is important to seek quality medical care as soon as possible in her commentary.

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