In Drohobych region, there is an increase in the incidence of cardiovascular diseases

351 пацієнт за минулий тиждень ушпиталений в медичні заклади Дрогобича та Стебника: лікарями проведено 37 операційних втручань

Volodymyr Chuba, the head of the health care department of the DMR, announced such data at the weekly staff meeting on May 6. According to him, 351 patients were hospitalized in Drohobych and Stebnyk hospitals in the past week. Out of the total number of sick people, 22 people were admitted with heart attacks, 15 with strokes. Doctors performed 37 operations.

As the mayor of Drohobych, Taras Kuchma, emphasized, the high incidence of cardiovascular diseases proves that residents are experiencing stress and a number of internal, mental problems related to the war and news from the front. Therefore, protecting mental health and taking care of it is the most important task for everyone.

Also, according to Volodymyr Chuba, 7 babies were born in the community in the last seven days.

In connection with the good days, the indicators of the incidence of SARS and related diseases have rapidly declined, medical workers note.


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