A baby girl weighing more than 5.5 kg is born at St. Anne’s Hospital

A baby girl weighing more than 5.5 kg and 60 cm tall was born at St Anna’s Hospital of the First Medical Association of Lviv. The baby’s size surprised even experienced obstetricians and gynaecologists.

The parents of the newborn: 24-year-old Khrystyna and 25-year-old Taras Artyshky from the village of Krotoshyn, Lviv region. The young couple got married last year in August. And in the same month, the new husband and wife found out that they were going to have a baby. They were both very happy with the news.

“The pregnancy went smoothly, my tummy grew gradually. Many people expected twins. But I knew it would be one girl. Before giving birth, we were predicted to weigh 4 kilograms,” says the mother.

At the 41st week of pregnancy, Khrystyna finally went into labour. The young woman decided to entrust her first childbirth to the specialists at St Anne’s Hospital. At first, the obstetricians and gynaecologists wanted to let Khrystyna give birth naturally, because they thought that the baby would weigh about four kilograms. However, the examination showed that the baby was much larger and exceeded the size of the birth canal. The doctors weighed the pros and cons and decided to perform a caesarean section.

Download photoThe girl was born on 20 May. Her birth weight was 5550 grams and her height was 60 centimetres. The happy parents decided to name their daughter Zlata and promised their doctor to return for the boy soon.

Experts say that babies with high birth weight make up about 6-10% of the total number of newborns in the hospital. But Zlata surprised even experienced obstetricians and gynaecologists with her heroic weight and height.

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