A 17-year-old girl with a dangerous mass in her ear was successfully operated on in Lviv

Surgeons at the Children’s Medicine Centre successfully operate on a 17-year-old girl with a dangerous mass in her ear

The girl had a cholesteatoma – a formation that grows continuously, infects and destroys bone.

The otosurgeons of the Children’s Medicine Centre at OKHMATDYT Hospital successfully operated on a 17-year-old girl who had a dangerous mass in her ear that was destroying the bone.

The girl was suffering from severe pain in her ear. Yulia is from the Vinnytsia region, and when she went to local doctors, they told her that the cause was adenoids and that they needed to be removed, which was done last year. However, even six months later, she was not relieved – pus was constantly leaking from her ear, and she had pain, which she was relieving with painkillers. However, over time, the pain was so severe that she could no longer bear it, and she was also experiencing dizziness.

“Then the girl, looking for a doctor based on reviews, turned to our Centre for Children’s Medicine, OKHMATDYT Hospital. Our ENT specialists examined the child and found out that she had a cholesteatoma, a mass in the ear that grows steadily, infects and destroys the bone.

So, our doctors decided to perform an urgent intervention. The operation was very complicated because it took place very close to large vessels, the facial nerve and meninges. It should be remembered that cholesteatoma is a surgical disease, and only surgery can eliminate the threat to the patient’s life,” the Centre’s doctors say.

The cholesteatoma was gigantic – 5x7x2 cm in size. It was removed completely, thus eliminating the threat to the patient’s life.

The operation was successful, the girl was discharged and will be under the supervision of the doctors of the Children’s Medicine Centre.

According to doctors, a cholesteatoma is an epidermal growth that can occur in the middle ear behind the eardrum. It is benign in nature, but malignant in its course, as it threatens the patient’s life. The disease can be congenital, and it can also occur as a result of recurrent, secretory or chronic otitis media. Cholesteatoma is constantly growing and can penetrate the cranial cavity, causing life-threatening complications.

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