Ukrainian diaspora in Ireland donates an intraoperative microscope to Chervonohrad City Hospital

The cost of the machine is 200,000 euros, and it was purchased by entrepreneurs who have been living in Ireland for a long time, said Andriy Dyachenko, head of the Chervonograd District State Administration.

The expensive medical equipment was delivered to Ukraine by the Gurtom UA Charitable Foundation and the Caritas-Sokal Charitable Foundation.

According to the head of the Chervonohrad hospital, Igor Grondzal, the intraoperative microscope will significantly help ophthalmologists, ENT specialists and neurosurgeons, and will be effective in traumatology and vascular surgery. The device will allow for minimally invasive, more precise surgeries with less trauma to the patient’s tissues.

According to Volodymyr Kurchaba, head of the operating department, this equipment will allow doctors to perform operations that have not yet been performed in the Chervonohrad hospital.

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